Safety & Quality

Mission statement

Utkilen shall be a leading, preferred and reliable transporter of bulk liquids

Corporate Values

  • Safety begins with me!
  • Best in class performance
  • We work as a team
  • Continuous improvement and innovation

HSSEQ Policies

Health, Safety, Environment Policy

Our ultimate goal is zero harm to personnel and the environment. Zero means that any personnel injury is unacceptable and that we continuously strive to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • Utkilen shall adhere to applicable laws, regulations and requirements.
  • Utkilen shall enhance a proactive approach to the management of Health, Safety and Environment onboard our ships and ashore.
  • Utkilen shall develop and maintain a Health, Safety and Environment program with defined goals, responsibilities and KPIs.
  • Utkilens experience feedback system shall enable the identification of risk and safeguard from possible threats
  • Utkilen has a high commitment to the environment. Minimising the ship energy consumption is an integral part of Utkilen's operations and is incorporated into the design of ships & equipment, chartering, operations, technical management and on-board management of the fleet.

Quality policy

Our services and equipment shall comply with applicable standards and industry regulations. We shall deliver safe, reliable and effective operations and continuously strive for improvement.

  • All day-to-day activities shall be conducted in accordance with defined standards in our Safety & Quality Management System.
  • Utkilen shall have a certified Safety and Quality Management System.
  • Utkilen shall provide adequate resources and ensure that all employees are motivated, trained and qualified for their jobs.
  • Utkilen shall strive to meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

Security Policy

We shall be prepared for emergencies and reduce our exposure to terrorism, piracy and other criminal acts through defined measures.

  • Utkilen shall maintain a security level complying with applicable international regulations and level of threat.
  • Utkilen shall gather and evaluate available information with respect to security threats and implement relevant measures to protect personnel and assets.