Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Code of Business Ethics:

Utkilen AS (Utkilen) is a private, family owned company operating out of Bergen and is established as one of the major seaway transportation companies of chemicals, various acids and clean products in bulk in Northern Europe. The company is fully integrated, handling all related functions such as ship management, operations, crewing and chartering in-house.

Our operations shall be characterized by high ethical standards and no compromise should be made to Utkilen's corporate values which are:

  • Safety begins with me!
  • Best in class performance
  • We work as a team
  • Continuous improvement and innovation

This Code is intended to help all employees understand and apply Utkilen's standards in their everyday business activities. The Code is meant to stimulate awareness of ethical issues that we may encounter. Making the right decisions begins with honesty and integrity.The Code requires all employees to conduct their business in consistency with all applicable laws and regulations, in each relevant jurisdiction and it requires that they are perceptive of, and responsive to the concerns of the communities in which Utkilen operates. Employees shall make reasonable efforts to inform customers, suppliers and business partners about this Code of Business Ethics. When appropriate, reference to the Code shall be part of contracts and business agreements. The Code applies to the members of the board, managers and all other shore-based employees, mariners as well as representatives of Utkilen and its subsidiaries (hereafter called "employees"). All employees have a duty to read and follow this Code. All managers have a responsibility to ensure that all subordinates are aware of, and comply with the Code. Violation of the Code may be subject to internal disciplinary actions, including in serious instances possible termination of employment.

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